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The internet has changed the way we learn. It is now commonplace to find virtual classrooms functioning alongside traditional classroom settings.

The internet has changed the way we learn. It is now commonplace to find virtual classrooms functioning alongside traditional classroom settings. The student body has taken on a whole new form. Both instructors and students benefit from the convenience and accessibility of an online learning environment. In fact, New York’s state-sponsored traffic schools have started to transition to online curriculum for at-risk drivers.

Insurance premium and point reduction in New York State

Traditional driver’s education classes are still offered through after-school or city run programs. However, if you need to take a driving course for a specific reason, the state now offers certain web-based classes for free. The courses can help with the following:

• Reduce points on your driving record
• Reduce your insurance premium after an accident
• Fulfill sentencing requirements for a DWI or other violation
• Get a traffic ticket dismissed
• Refresh your driving skills
• Remove Provisional License violations
The online coursework is particularly beneficial to individuals involved in the Point Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP).

This inaugural program has a singular aim: reducing points and insurance premiums. According to program guidelines, you can complete the corresponding course requirements by one of two means:

1. in a traditional classroom setting
2. via an alternative delivery method (ADM)

Online courses fall into the latter category. Whichever option you choose, the course must be taught by a state-approved sponsor or corporation. Check the local government website for a list of possible agencies or instructors.

Within 10 weeks of completing a defensive driving class, the agency or sponsor will notify the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Depending on your performance throughout the course, you may receive a 10% reduction in your insurance premium. Additionally, up to 4 points can be taken off of your active or provisional driving record. To confirm your new standing you should request an updated driving record from the DMV.

Your insurance company has up to 45 days to reduce your premium. Once they receive your course certificate, your new rate is valid for 3 years; however, this does not protect you from general insurance increases or accident-related violations.

It should also be pointed out that your participation in an online defensive driving course does not affect your Driver Responsibility Program status.

The state fine you received for specific violations and point accumulation still applies. The funds are payable over a three year period and apply in all cases, resident or non-resident, if the violation occurred within state lines.

More and more of these free online courses are being approved by various state DMV’s across the country. If you are not from New York, look for local equivalents.


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