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It’s a sad fact that car accidents kill more people than cancer, murder and suicide combined.

It’s a sad fact that car accidents kill more people than cancer, murder and suicide combined. When your teen needs to learn to drive, choosing a good driving school can actually become a life or death decision. Statistically, licensed teens make up seven percent of the country’s population but are involved in almost twenty percent of fatal crashes.

However, regardless of these statistics, you can’t take away the excitement of a teen getting ready to apply for a driver’s permit.

So, how do you find a reliable school that is going to teach responsibility to the new driver? How do you find one that is going to stress the importance of rules of the road? One of the best tools for finding a school is through peer referrals. Otherwise, every city in every state usually has a listing in the following places:

&#8226 The local DMV
&#8226 High Schools
&#8226 Local chapter of AAA:

This source usually has a listing of what consumers should look for. In fact, thirty Triple A clubs in the nation offer Dare to Prepare workshops, at no cost. They are designed to assist in the search for a driving school and guidelines to help the new driver and his or her family who would be going through the challenging learn-to-drive experience. There is also a twenty-minute online tutorial.

Once you find the school of your choice, how do you know it’s the right one and that it’s going to give you exactly what you’re looking for? There are a few things to look for:

&#8226 Check out the classrooms and see if you can even observe part of a course.

&#8226 Look for cleanliness.

&#8226 Look for study guides or textbooks and see that there is one for each student enrolled.

&#8226 Make sure that your new driver gets a copy of the state driver’s manual.

&#8226 Classroom time should entail an organized lesson plan that includes risk prevention.

&#8226 Question the refund policy

&#8226 Be aware of any complaints that may have been funneled through the Better Business Bureau.

&#8226 Make sure there is a contract.

It’s very important that parents be involved with the new driver’s experience because all driving schools do not offer the same quality instruction, and that is what delivers the


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